Dental Practice Marketing Tip: Market Results, Not Services

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Date: March 02, 2017 Author: Grace Purdy Comments: 0

Everything you’ve heard about marketing up until this point has probably encouraged you to market your dental practice’s services so that customers will know exactly what they’re getting when they come into your practice. Well, our team at eDentalImage is flipping the script and giving you a new approach to attracting new customers. Marketing your practice’s results rather than simply the services you offer is a very effective way to gain new patients. Still a little confused? Don’t worry, eDentalImage is here to fill you in on three ways to shift your message when switching your marketing strategy from service-based to results-based.

Use Specific Statistics

It’s okay if you don’t have specific percentages and statistics already on hand, but start keeping track of the variables you deem important so that you can build some steady stats to share. For example, advertising that 86 percent of your patients come back from their first visit with zero cavities is a lot more effective than just saying “a lot of our customers don’t have cavities.” Using specific statistics is much more impactful and impressive than just making a broad statement claiming that your practice does effective work.

Demonstrate Your Value

By showing off your practice’s results, you’re demonstrating your value to potential customers. When you market your practice’s results instead of its services, you’re not just saying that your dental practice is awesome but you’re showing that your practice truly is the best there is, which carries a lot more weight with potential customers. Consider creating a “Pearly White Wall” that showcases your patients’ healthy smiles. By posting these pictures publicly in your office, other customers will feel confident in the services you provide. Actions speak louder than words, so be sure to use your practice’s successful results as an example when you’re marketing your practice to potential patients.

Set Your Practice Apart

Unless your dental practice offers a unique or outlandish service, it's likely your practice offers the same services as most other dental practices. Think beyond the actual services you provide and find something unique about your office to use in your marketing message. For example, is there something special about the experience you offer to your customers? If you are a pediatric dentist, maybe you let your patients pick their favorite movie during their procedure. By marketing a special offering that is unique to your practice will set you apart from other practices near you, and potential customers will come right to your door.


Switching your the angle of your marketing from service-based to results-based is one of the very best ways to grab new customers’ attention and set your practice apart from others in your area. By marketing your practice’s reliable results you are assuring your potential customers that they will walk away from your practice with shiny, satisfied smiles.


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